An Oath of Wintersteel: A Weird West Steampunk Adventure

An Oath of Wintersteel: A Weird West Steampunk Adventure

A fiery, young gun-woman. A horror out of legend. One chance to find the lost Last City of Man.

Deep in the wastes of the forsaken Vast, rumor of the Harridan arises. An ancient, tainted monstrosity who only spreads horror and despair, she seethes with dark sorcery. Yet this terrible crone is said to know the way to the object of Sierra’s quest. She knows the path to the lost Last City of Man.

Sierra’s entire world is haunted with living nightmares. The horrific tides of the Shroud have washed away entire civilizations, leaving only madness and horrific monsters in its wake.

Yet the Last City stands, untouched and uncorrupted.

To find it, Sierra and her master, the gun-slinging Senír Domingo, battle against tainted abominations, demented little hobbes, and the ever present threat of losing their own minds to horror and depravity. Together, they delve deep into the darkness of the world, pursuing a depraved witch consumed by madness.

What they find there will echo across existence and shape entire worlds.

An Oath of Wintersteel is a fantastical adventure filled with fast-paced adventure, surprising plot twists, and compelling characters. If you liked Anita Blake, Harry Dresden, or The Dark Tower, then you’ll love JM Guillen’s mind-bending carnival of the strange. Buy An Oath of Wintersteel to get lost in JM Guillen’s latest reality-warping adventure today!

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