Blind Spot (Deep State Apocalypse Book 0)

Blind Spot (Deep State Apocalypse Book 0)


Army veteran Cash Bishop chases little white lines around the South and Midwest, working as a long haul trucker to make ends meet until the homestead he is building with his mother and sister can support the family.

When a security breach at Hoover Dam takes all the U.S. hydroelectric power stations offline the day after a category five hurricane hits the Gulf of Mexico, cutting off electricity to millions and threatening an already compromised fuel supply, Cash figures it’s time to chase those white lines home to Tennessee.

By the time he hits Chicago, the lights are out across the country, throwing America into a new dark age in which only the strong and the prepared will survive.

READER NOTE: This is Part One of the (separately available) three-part novel Long Haul Home

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