Capricorn Rising

Capricorn Rising

Humanity currently believes it is the dominant species on Earth. That belief is not—and never has been—true.

Dr. LaTonya Belyard never wanted to ignite a revolution. Her research into neural augmentation was intended to develop a gene-based therapy for repairing neurons through experimental testing on different species of animals. Instead, she discovers she accidentally induced human-level cognitive ability in her test subjects.
Then Dr. Belyard realizes the animals are passing this mutation on to their offspring…
The numbers of fully-sentient “Newbreeds” begin to grow, and so do the fears that Humanity will be cast down from its pre-eminence. When the Newbreeds demand equal rights with humans, and assimilation into our society, the march to war begins.
As the conflict expands from Earth into the universe, both Newbreeds and humans must fight to decide whether or not equality can be based in sentience, with the question of unity—or extinction—hanging in the balance.

Winner of the 2015 Pacific Northwest Writers Association Literary Contest for Science Fiction.

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