Control Alter Delete: A Novel

Control Alter Delete: A Novel

“Whiteman’s near-future Orwellian thriller is a promising debut that matches its interesting ideas with solid writing and fleshed-out characters…. Plausible and imaginative technological developments… enhance the gripping thriller plot.”
— BookLife/Publishers Weekly

London, 2059. Ezra Hurst’s quiet drink after work soon spices up when a woman called Lena arrives in the bar. She could have sat anywhere, but slips onto the stool right by his side. Tells risqué tales, helps herself to his fries. Her looks are intriguing; ten years in biometrics, but he’s never seen eyes so bright and green.

Who is this woman? And why, after all the flirting, does she suddenly disappear? Not just from the bar but from all intelligence data too. Aside from his personal disappointment, he’s angling for promotion, and the last thing he needs are suspicious gaps in his security records.

To make matters worse, he’s under pressure from a young anti-surveillance campaigner called Suzanne. Her brother has been missing for several weeks and she accuses Ezra’s department of doctoring his records. Ezra must respond immediately; his company’s plan to roll out nationwide thought-tracking is controversial enough without angry activists making false accusations.

His information coming from addicts and gamblers and people known to be liars, Ezra has his work cut out establishing any facts. But when his investigations lead to a series of horrific discoveries, finding Lena takes on chilling urgency.

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