Delta City (Garden of Salt Book 2)

Delta City (Garden of Salt Book 2)

The Sequel to Felicity Savage’s Stunning Debut, Humility Garden!

“The young Humility of the title is as bold as the author herself” — The New York Times Book Review

She played the game, just like they taught her.

And she lost everything.

Humility Garden is a broken woman, crippled and alone.

But the violent changes sweeping Salt make despair a luxury that Humility can’t afford. With a militant atheistic movement is on the march, the remaining survivors of the old order begin to plan their revolt against the sadistic new Divinarch. And Humility’s own sister is on the wrong side.

To restore peace to Salt, Humility will have to confront the gods themselves.

A Garden of Salt

  1. Humility Garden
  2. Delta City

Delta City is the pulse-pounding sequel to Humility Garden, the fantasy debut by John W. Campbell Award-nominated author Felicity Savage.

Now available for Kindle at the hot price of $2.99!

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