Dominion VII: Revelation

Dominion VII: Revelation

Seventh and Final Book in Dominion series.

Josiah bar Judah has drawn the attention of the Patriarchal Council with his ability to discover deeper truths within the mystery of music. The young Hebrew boy has been told that his people were once a great nation, chosen by Elohim Himself—but that was before The Forgetting. Yet now, a mysterious soul dwells among them—a man known as Orpheus, also called “Song Bearer”. Some believe that he himself is the “Anointed One”, while others whisper that he is the fallen Prince Corban, a quasi-legendary figure who once lost the favor of the Pharaoh. As war looms on the horizon, a Divine Canticle seeks a venue on this plane of existence; will humanity deign to serve out its calling as the instrument of this first—and last—opus of the eternal Sovereign?

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