Gregor’s Search-The Filament Makers: Stories from the Filaments

Gregor’s Search-The Filament Makers: Stories from the Filaments

From the international bestselling Author, Saxon Andrew, comes the sixth book in the Filament Universe, Gregor’s Search-The Filament Makers. The filaments connect all the stars and black holes in the known universe with powerful energy flows that move faster than the speed-of-light in subspace. All the star traveling civilizations in the known universe use them to travel to other planets. The filaments are ancient, and scientists know they are not a naturally occurring phenomenon; someone, or something, made them thousands of years ago.

During the war with the Tronan, the Allies used filament communicators that could be heard across the universe. The Leaders of the Alliance fear that the ancient makers of the filaments will be coming to investigate who is using their creation and put a stop to it.

Gregor MacGregor decides to act first, before they show up. He goes out to find the Filament Makers and determine if they are a threat to Bellingham. What he discovers is stunning and the danger to Bellingham and all the other planets in the Alliance is worse than anyone believes. To complicate matters, the Insectoid King is planning an attack on the Alliance and has a new weapon that is unstoppable. This book takes off fast and doesn’t slow down. It’s a full-length novel at 105,000 words and I know you’ll enjoy reading it late into the night.

Excerpt: Gregor’s Search-The Filament Makers

Gregor nodded, “How long will it take you to do a full scan of this ship?”
“About twenty-seconds.”
Gregor sighed and thought about it. Elena stared at him and he finally turned to her, “Elena, this is the first time you will be placed in real danger. If we’re detected, it could lead to our being attacked. You need to help me make this decision.”

“We’ve come out here to make a difference. It would be foolish not to do it.”

Gregor nodded, “Computer, is there anything you can do to reduce the possibility of your scan being detected?”

“The rear of this ship is pointed away from that probe. I can turn the Dragon Fly such that its main hull is blocking the scan’s emissions from going out of the ship. I can also reduce the power of the scan of the vessel’s interior close to our location, but I’ll have to go to full-power to scan the bridge; it’s more than three-miles from us.”

“How much time will you have to use full-power?”

Gregor shook his head and said loudly, “DO IT AND GET OUT OF HERE THE MOMENT YOU’RE DONE!!”

“Starting scan.”

“I’ll keep an eye on that probe and I’ll tell you if it starts transmitting a message.”

“Thank you, Torn.”

Gregor gripped the arms of his chair and saw Elena was also griping hers as well. “Going to full-power on the scan!”
Gregor waited and three-seconds later heard Torn, “It’s transmitting!”

The scan ended, the Dragon Fly quickly exited the ship, and immediately entered subspace, where it went to gravity-boosters and flew at high speed toward the filament. Gregor looked up at the wall monitor and saw something blue on the long-range scanner moving through subspace toward them at an incredible speed. He saw that it would be on them before they reached the filament, “STOP THE SHIP!!” Gregor ordered.

The Dragon Fly came to an abrupt stop and turned to face the object roaring up on it. A giant warship came rushing in out of subspace, from beyond the edge of the filaments, and stopped two-miles away, directly in front of the Dragon Fly. It was initially blue in color, but immediately turned purple when it stopped, dropped its blue force field, and began scanning with powerful beams that were visible to the naked eye. Gregor started to yell for the computer to run but heard, “Stay where you are; they can’t see you.”

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