Love & Sleep (Aegypt)

Love & Sleep (Aegypt)

Love & Sleep is a modern masterpiece, both extraordinary and literary.

In its recent review of the fourth (and final) Agypt novel, Bookforum said: “We may one day look on Agypt’s publishing history with the same head-scratching curiosity with which we now regard Melville’s tragic struggles and André Gide’s decision to turn down Swann’s Way.” As those words were being typed, Overlook was well into the process of reclaiming the magnificent tetralogy, and with the publication of The Solitudes, readers re-entered the fantastic world that enthralled reviewers and was enshrined in Harold Bloom’s Western Canon. In Love & Sleep, the second volume of the series, the professor Pierce Moffett finds himself at a great turning point in the history of the world. As a child, Pierce was no stranger to magic, but those revelations faded with time. Now Pierce’s search for a secret history of the world―one in which magic works and angels speak to humankind―has begun again. Love & Sleep is followed by the third volume in the Agypt cycle, Damonomania, and the fourth, Endless Things.

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