Pleasure Doll

Pleasure Doll

They built her to be the perfect woman. But she wasn’t supposed to have a mind of her own.

From her first nanosecond of awareness, Unit 49281 knows something is wrong. Designed to be the ideal male fantasy, her sensual body contains an artificial intelligence sophisticated enough to pass for human. But something lurks in her mind that makes her far more than a simple pleasure android.

She can think. She can feel.

Her unusual abilities seem like a gift until she meets her new master. Kyle Cumberland is a reclusive billionaire, a technological genius who lives high above the skyscrapers of Manhattan. Obsessed with his work, he purchases Unit 49281 not for companionship, but simply to satisfy the primal urges he can’t control.

Trapped between Kyle’s insatiable desire and a yearning to become something more than a toy, the rogue Pleasure Doll must find a way to transcend her artificial flesh. If she can’t, her budding affection for her new master may be her downfall.

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