Starship Scorpion (The Galactic Wars Book 1)

Starship Scorpion (The Galactic Wars Book 1)

One aging destroyer must battle an entire alien armada to save mankind.

Captain Slade is a hero of the first Verge War. But with no sign of the enemy for 25 years, the Joint Planetary Operations Command decides to decommission the old destroyers. But when Slade senses an impending attack, she defies orders to return to base, and JPOC sends a lone assassin to terminate her wayward command.

But the Verge have returned, more powerful than ever. Their technology is more advanced. Their armor is indestructible. And they are determined to exterminate all human life.

A rogue captain, a misfit crew, and a decrepit destroyer are mankind’s only hope of survival. If JPOC’s assassin succeeds, humanity will perish.

“If you like Battlestar Galactica, Halo, and pure awesomeness, you won’t want to miss this read.” —Some random guy on Twitter.

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