Still Life: A SpecFic SciFi Romance

Still Life: A SpecFic SciFi Romance

Terrorism or Terraforming? His future is her next target.

Astrobiologist Ewan Stewarts won the chance of a lifetime from his corporate overlords. He’s living the dream, terraforming paradise from a cold lifeless planet. Ewan is alone on Tapagoani XII, with Six his robotic sidekick, waiting for his support crew and supplies to arrive.

Snarky badass heroine, Jody Wall, the payload specialist who isn’t who she appears to be, crashes into his plans with supplies in tow… scattered across the icy surface. If Jody’s secret mission is to succeed it will save millions of lives but destroy one: his.

But all that is second to survival. Marooned together, they’ll have to face their fears, make hard choices, and let love and a wise-beyond-their-circuits AI named Six guide them.

Solar Flame Romance is … Strong heroines. Smart men. Impossible odds.

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