Terraforming Earth – Phase 1: “The Plagues Era” (FutureScape)

Terraforming Earth – Phase 1: “The Plagues Era” (FutureScape)

Rake Cunningham, a chip-enhanced detective, upgraded to sniff through paranoid-conspiracy theories to know which ones are worth following up, stumbles upon a case that is no typical example of corporate malfeasance. He signed on for the enhancement with the idea he’d be taking down white collar criminals and techies, or Machiavellian CEOs just too smart to be caught any other way. What he runs into instead is a plot to depopulate the world in order to return it to an Eden-like state. It will require far more than access to the truth to crush the parties in cahoots. Try a small miracle.

He quickly enlists Doc Holiday’s assistance. She’s known as the queen of the chipheads, overseeing constant chip improvements that keep people employed who would otherwise have no viable means of engaging in such a fast moving economy. If there’s anyone equipped to outfit the resistance with all the mind-power they need, it’s Doc Holiday.

What Rake doesn’t know is the other side is led by a no less formidable pair of lovers. Garrett Rawlings is the chairman of the most powerful corporate and military industrial complex super-alliance on the planet. Simone Bolivar is an android who has entered singularity state, evolving faster than human minds can possibly grasp. It’s perhaps just as well Rake and Doc Holiday don’t know all that they’re up against, or they might not even try to save the ninety-nine percent of humanity deemed expendable.

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