The Singularity

The Singularity

Defectives die.

Quinn, a defective in hiding, overhears a top-secret Earth-shattering conversation that has her running for her life. Can she hold off detection long enough to escape her domed city, and planet Earth… Quinn must find a way to escape, not only her own death, but the destruction of the world as she knows it — and it has to be with Roan, the love of her life. She hatches a half-baked plan, but things get complicated in the worst ways. Her best friend Yanney hands her a cryptic data cube which unlocks an ancient mystery that changes everything, but at what cost? Quinn must endure complications, challenges, pain, and face a new reality. Will she survive or be crushed under the pressure?

The Singularity is a fast-paced story that excites at every plot twist and turn! This original, young adult, Christian, Scifi book will leave you wanting more – the good news is that as the first book in The Singularity Series, it’s a promise more will come. This book is unique because it’s part graphic novel and part written-word novel. The story continuously flows back and forth between the two art forms.

“More creativity on a single page than in the last fifty novels I read combined. Kristen Watterson is showing us the future of storytelling.”
— William Bernhardt, National Bestselling Author

“I have to know how [the series] ends!!!!! I liked it enough to have to read the whole thing in one night. 🙂 it was kind of like reading The Giver, Hunger Games, and Divergent all rolled into one with the added element of space travel. I’m going to re-read it, but the first time through, I couldn’t put it down. Love “Jim” by the way!” — Sarah Reber

“This book is definitely a must-read! A dramatic spin on sci-fi and everyday life, Kristen will keep you guessing — and just when you think you’ve figured it out, she twists things up! I give it 5 stars!”
— Salome Johnston

“In a word: Whoa!! I finished the book and absolutely loved everything about it!” — Elizabeth Wyke, Award Winning Author

“The Singularity is brilliant, with equally brilliant artwork! It’s a real page-turner, I couldn’t put it down — I really felt like I was in the story! …and what got me the most, was the message of hope despite everything Quinn goes through. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book!” — Emily Worley

About the Author:

Kristen Watterson has been a professional graphic designer and illustrator since 1999. An artist from a young age, writing books was always one of her dreams. She started drawing characters and writing story fragments as a young girl growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Kristen married her husband in college at ORU in Tulsa, OK. Her career has been varried, but always revolving around art in some way. She was a certified teacher (teaching junior high art and high school biology) and she has been the Creative Director at a successful marketing firm. Currently, she freelances graphic design and illustration as she continues to write books. She is a nerd to the core and enjoys scifi books and movies, coffee and tea, knitting, reading, drawing, and painting.

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