The Thriller Suspense Horror Box Set

The Thriller Suspense Horror Box Set

Enjoy 1,000+ thriller suspense kindle pages at a killer price.

Enjoy three novels from the author readers named the new Stephen King and compared to early Dean Koontz. These books enjoy 1,500+ 4 & 5 Good Reads’ stars. 


Nobody’s listening. So he’ll just keep killing.

Three massacres in the same city, same month. 

Two detectives discover a link in the crimes that can’t possibly exist.

One journalist unwittingly holds all the answers. 

Zero clues to a killer who sends a deadly message.

Freelance writer Kendall scores an interview with a survivor of a horrific mass killing. Then more mass killings occur within weeks, with all the killers dead at the scene.
Investigating detective O’Grady wonders how similar crimes are linked only by a puzzling detail: none of the killers have a murderer’s profile.
When Kendall crosses O’Grady’s path, sparks fly. Not the good kind. They’ll discover the killings are part  of a plan. Someone sends a deadly message, and if they can’t decipher the meaning soon more will die.


What if all that stood between you and hell was a match?

An ordinary couple stand accused of a heinous crime. 

They’re the very last people you’d expect would save the world. 

Are they criminals, heroes or completely insane? Or possibly all three?

Emily and Bobby Jessup stand accused of first-degree arson. Their small coal-mining community of Karlgarin branded them criminals and sociopaths. But something led the couple to leave their children while they embark on a fire-bug spree. 

That something was a secret they agreed to protect. When Emily breaks her promise under cross-examination, a bizarre tale unfolds of the night she followed Bobbie and discovered his secret.

Inspired by true-life headlines revealed in Susan May’s fascinating postscript From the Imagination Vault. Behind the Fire is an extraordinary tale of the random appearance of frightening “black things,” and one couple’s battle to protect their town from these desperate and dangerous creatures.


Between life and death lies fate and one hell of a fight.

A single mom struggling with inexplicable lost time. A misguided, young girl about to make a terrible mistake. Both will soon endure the worst day of their lives.

Each must discover a truth before a child dies … again and again, forever.

‘Lost time’ has troubled single mom Dawn since childhood, when she awakens in places far away from her last memory. Now she’s just trying to be a good mom to her son, while the threat of a ‘lost time’ episode always looms.

Kylie’s over her dead-end job. Her boss’s on her back, the ex still harasses her, and seriously, she needs to get out of here. As she drives from the worst work day ever, she picks up her cell to text.

That text will change Dawn’s and her life in a horrific way. 

Dawn learns her ‘lost time’ is a gift when she finds herself back again facing the most heart-breaking day of her life. Changing fate is in her power.

Only one problem… fate doesn’t want change. Can Dawn alter destiny? Only if both she and the stranger discover a truth that might just save a life.

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