The Voyage Home

The Voyage Home

Abducted from Earth as a child. Sold into slavery. Forced to fly the ship of a ruthless pirate. Sarah knows nothing of her homeworld or her people. Her one longing is to return home.

Little does she know humanity is no better off. The Elders, a ruthless alien race rule Earth with an iron grip.

When Sarah’s ship is ambushed by an Elder frigate she is thrown into a life and death battle. Survival would send shockwaves throughout the galaxy. Never before has an Elder warship been beaten in one-on-one combat. For Sarah, it would also open up a way for her to return to the home she has never known.

The Voyage Home is an adventure & military sci-fi novel that tells the story of one young woman’s quest to find her homeworld and confront a galactic superpower.

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