Turner’s Defense (The Will Turner Novels Book 3)

Turner’s Defense (The Will Turner Novels Book 3)

The third novel in The Will Turner Novels series tells of Will Turner’s involvement in the air defense of the British mainland against the threat of the Kaiser’s fleet of rigid airships, or Zeppelins as they were known. To the German High Command, committed to a war on two fronts, it seemed the answer to their prayers. For propaganda purposes they had the ultimate terror weapon. They calculated that just the threat of these monsters, flying by night and scattering high explosive on helpless citizens below, might be enough to make the British sue for peace.

In fact the operation of Zeppelins as a means of attack proved more difficult than envisaged, but the German Navy persisted under the leadership of the formidable Peter Strasser. Early attacks achieved some success. They inflicted little material damage but the propaganda effect was considerable. At first the “Zeps” seemed invulnerable. They could fly at heights defending aircraft struggled to reach, even when they could find them. Anti aircraft artillery, even aided by searchlights, often failed to find the range and set their shells to explode too low.

For the first time in history British civilians at home suffered casualties from aerial bombardment, there was uproar as the numbers of killed and wounded mounted. Demands grew for increasing numbers of aircraft and high angle guns to be kept at home to defend against the Zeppelin menace.
Ostensibly on home duties that were supposed to provide a rest from the stress of combat flying, many aviators found themselves flying missions potentially as dangerous as those they had endured over France. Night flying aids were primitive, the aircraft they flew unsuitable for the task, and when they did make contact after they had run the gauntlet of their own anti aircraft fire, the Zeppelins could mount a formidable defense.

This is the situation Will Turner finds himself in during the Spring of 1916. Once more serving under Major Ernest Simpson, he is induced by the shadowy organization run by his uncle, Colonel Frank Penrose, to undertake a spying mission to the heart of the German Airship service. Read how Will Turner creates his own response to the threat in “Turner’s Defense”.

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